Does “The Bible Cure” Have The Pathway To Your Healing? A Book Review Part 5: Lacks Development

There is an overall lack of development of the biblical doctrine of health and healing in The Bible Cure. Dr. Cherry overly relies on mysticism, science, and man made ideas, rather than the Bible. Perhaps if he had titled the book something other than “The Bible Cure,” I would not have such a dissatisfied review. His book is not the Bible’s cure for anything (though there are tidbits of truth). The Bible has so much to say about health, and Dr. Cherry misses it.

Does “The Bible Cure” Have The Pathway To Your Healing? A Book Review Part 4: Mystical Or Biblical

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This is part four in a five part review of Dr. Reginald Cherry’s book The Bible Cure

  • In part one, I shared some positive elements of the book, but pointed out that there was a heavy theme of “revelation” throughout. I made the case that using words like “revelation” along with words like “from God” hold an author to a high standard and their book should be without error.
  • In part two of my review, I examined more closely the theme of revelation, noting that The Bible Cure was based more upon science and mysticism than the Bible. I concluded that the “science” of 1998 was not as wise as the “science” of the day. There were also inconsistencies and contradictions in the book.
  • In part three we examined four foundational Bible verses for the Bible cure and saw something worse — there was a faulty exegesis of Scripture.

These conclusions have led me to believe that The Bible Cure is based on mysticism and pseudo science — not the Bible. Now we will explore more deeply the mystical nature of The Bible Cure Continue reading “Does “The Bible Cure” Have The Pathway To Your Healing? A Book Review Part 4: Mystical Or Biblical”


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Does “The Bible Cure” Have The Pathway To Your Healing? A Book Review Part 3: Faulty Exegesis

Throughout the book, Dr. Cherry forces impure interpretation on Scripture passages to support his diet theory. I will share four examples: Job 1:10; Mark 11:23-24; Matthew 11:12; and Isaiah 53:5.

Does "The Bible Cure" Have The Pathway to Your Healing? A Book Review Part 1: A Shaky Foundation

The goal of this review is to evaluate Dr. Cherry’s “revelation” in view of Scripture — to see if he has indeed discovered the Bible’s pathway to healing. At Reformed Health, we make a similar bold claim: The Bible has the answers for health and healing (physical, spiritual, and emotional). We also provide a step-by-step plan for healing. Have we come to the same conclusions about what the Bible says about health?