The Joy of the Vine Is in the Wine

7 Clear Reasons Wine in the Bible Contained Alcohol7 Clear Reasons Wine in the Bible Contained Alcohol.

We are continuing our case that we should not refuse food (or drink) that God has given us to enjoy. Our argument is based on 1 Timothy 4:4-5 where the Apostle Paul condemns men “who advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude.”

Is Wine Taboo?

The current taboo we are considering is “wine.” Does God forbid the drinking of wine? Or is it allowed in moderation? Those who oppose drinking alcohol often claim that the wine the saints drank in the Bible contained little or no alcohol.

But the Bible paints a different picture, showing that the wine used in the Bible was capable of intoxication. And it is well-known that the alcohol in wine is the element that intoxicates.

Here are 7 reasons that demonstrate that the wine in the Bible was a powerful intoxicant, containing enough alcohol to make the heart merry and/or cause drunkenness.

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Can We Drink Wine to the Glory of God?

Can We Drink Wine to the Glory of God?We have been building a case that we should not refuse food that God has given us to enjoy. The Apostle Paul condemns men “who advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude” — I Timothy 4:4-5.

There are many categories of God ordained “foods” that modern day “diets” and “theologians” instruct us to avoid. We recently discussed the abstention from meat. Yet we saw from the Bible, that meat is now part of God’s diet for man. Read more here: The Evolution of Food in the Bible. In addition, we saw that Meat (not vegetarianism) Is a Gift from God to Be Enjoyed. Next we debunked 10 vegetarian myths: 10 Vegetarian Myths Debunked by God, Science, and the Bible. But to balance the equation, we noted that sometimes vegetarianism is good, acceptable, and even necessary. Read more here: 6 Reasons for God Ordained Vegetarianism in the Bible.

Now we will look at another taboo in many “health food” regimes as well as in many churches. That topic is alcohol consumption. Continue reading

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6 Reasons for God Ordained Vegetarianism in the Bible

6 Reasons for Vegetarianism in the BibleThe last post in this series debunked 10 vegetarian myths: 10 Vegetarian Myths Debunked by God, Science, and Common Sense.

Though vegetarianism is not the standard biblical diet, there are times and epochs that are given (or have been given) to abstain from eating meat. Here they are: Continue reading

Could your Pain Be Caused by Statins?

How to know if your pain is caused by statinsThe following story is the true testimony of a woman who took Lipitor (a drug designed to lower “bad” cholesterol) for 25 years. At first the statin drug had no ill affect on her health and successfully kept her cholesterol in check. But something drastically changed — to the point that her pain was so severe she could not lift her beloved Schipperke. After doing some research, she concluded that the pain was caused as a result of her years on Lipitor.

A Woman’s Testimony.

The author has asked to remain anonymous, but here is the story in her own words: Continue reading

10 Vegetarian Myths Debunked by God, Science, and Common Sense

10 Vegetarian Myths Debunked by God, Science, and Common SenseThere are many reasons today that people engage in the practice of vegetarianism. And most are based on myths! Below is a list of the top 10 reasons people are vegetarians according to Down to Earth. We will evaluate each reason through the lens of the Bible, science, and/or common sense. Continue reading

Progress Report: Sometimes You Just Need A Good Steak

A Good SteakSuccess!

I am pleased to announce that the lump in my breast has nearly vanished. There is only a small trace remaining. It took some serious searching into my diet and life-style to resolve the issue (and a lot of prayer). And in the end, it turned out that I just needed a good steak. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. Let me catch you up to speed.

How it All Started.

We recently moved into an apartment with high levels of EMFs. Safe levels are considered to be under 3 milligauss, zero being the optimal level. Our apartment was reading up to 10-25 milligauss in our sleeping area and 4-10 in our living area. Of course, I didn’t realize this when we first moved in.

But it wasn’t long before I was suffering from a terrible case of insomnia, with a feeling in my brain that I can only explain as “crazy brain.” I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling super stressed out, with pressure in my brain that just made me feel nervous and crazy. The next thing that happened was my pinky finger broke out in a major case of cellulitis. Thankfully it didn’t spread past my finger and I was able to manage it with oils, soakings, and bandaids. But it would not clear up completely. It would begin to clear up, then ooze open again. But the event that finally sparked my diligent searching into the matter was discovering a lump in my breast the size of a silly putty egg.

The Culprit.

Finding the lump prompted me to consider the 21 electric meters outside my bedroom window. (Why didn’t I notice them when I moved in?) Continue reading

Meat (not vegetarianism) Is a Gift from God To Be Enjoyed

Meat (not vegetarianism) Is a Gift From God to Be EnjoyedAll food is a gift from God to be enjoyed, and we are instructed in the New Testament to not reject any food that He has created. Unfortunately, there is a host of foods that some modern day “diets” seek to vilify. One such food is the flesh of animals.

In The Evolution of Food in the Bible, we noted that God gave meat to mankind to eat after the great flood that watered the entire earth. This flood changed earth’s environment in ways that we may not fully understand. These changes made it necessary for God to add animal flesh as food. If it wasn’t necessary, God would not have given it as food. And since God did give meat as food, it should NOT be rejected. There are some examples in the Bible of limited vegetarianism which we will discuss in an upcoming post. Today we are going to look at some important examples of meat eating in the Bible. In many of these situations, God directly provides the meat for consumption. At times He commands that meat be eaten. And in more than one occasion, God Himself through Jesus Christ partakes of the meat.

Here are nine examples of meat eating in the Bible: Continue reading

12 Practical Ways to Avoid Eating Blood

12 Practical Ways to Avoid Eating BloodPagan Roots of Eating Blood.

The practice of eating blood has its roots in ancient pagan societies and cultures. Barnes notes, “The use of blood was common among the Gentiles. They drank it often at their sacrifices, and in making covenants or compacts.” And according to Ellicott, dishes prepared with blood “were common in the cuisine both of Greeks and Romans” at the time of the writing of the New Testament.

Yet, God expressly forbade the eating of blood from early history.

Forbidden by God.

Genesis 9:4 set the stage for God’s prohibition for eating blood — because it contained the life of the flesh. This prohibition is further defined at Mount Sinai and reiterated by the Apostles and the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. As a result, the early church faithfully refrained from eating blood. Gill says the law “was attended to with much strictness by the primitive Christians, who seemed to have observed this advice in the form of a law, and thought it criminal to eat blood.”

Accordingly, Gill writes that the strict adherence to the law by the early church “would have involved a frequent withdrawal from social life, or a conspicuous singularity.”

Despite the abstention of the early Christians, the modern church has largely abandoned the prohibition against eating blood, wrongly filing it as “ceremonial.” Gill writes of this law, “in process of time it was neglected; and in Austin’s time abstinence from blood was derided, as a ridiculous notion.” Yet we have repeatedly shown that this law is not ceremonial and should be adhered to today. Barnes agrees, noting the law predates ceremony. Continue reading

The Evolution of Food in the Bible

The Evolution of Food in the BibleGod, the Provider.

We have begun Principle #6 of Living Under God’s Design: Healthy Blood Through Real Food. Our last post, Eat Food That Has Been Created to Be Enjoyed, introduced the idea that God has decreed what food is to be eaten by His creatures. We saw that the first command given by God was a “food law.” Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

God has the right to tell His creatures what they can and cannot eat — because He is the creator and owner of everything. Even more, God loves His creatures very much — especially the humans that He created in His own image. Food was never an afterthought of God: it was a loving provision from a loving God and Father who desires His creatures to flourish in the world He created for them so they could subdue the earth and multiply upon it.

And as part of God’s provision for man to flourish in His world, over time, He has ordained changes in the food chain, a sort of evolution of food.

We have already seen that God gave fruits and vegetables as man’s first sustenance. The first couple were allowed to eat of any of the plants God created, even the Tree of Life. The only food they were forbidden to eat was that produced by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading