Free Trainer with $10 Membership at Planet Fitness — A Review

Weight LiftingThe Biggest Loser.

While visiting my daughter-in-law recently, I was introduced to The Biggest Loser television program. At first I resisted her pleas to watch the program, but after one episode I found myself addicted. I was amazed at the transformations the contestants displayed after such a short period of time. The winner started out looking like a sumo wrestler and finished slim and trim. He looked like a completely different person.

Planet Fitness.

On the program they advertised Planet Fitness as their preferred gym.

Today I am writing a basic review and overview of their fitness center.

Reluctant to Join a Gym.

I have been reluctant to join a gym in the past, mostly because it seems an unnecessary expense. In fact, I recently wrote a whole series on how to get exercise naturally without joining a gym. I summed that up in (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Exercise and the Bible.

In that series I discussed the possibility of getting paid to exercise by Continue reading

Could This Edible Glue Dissolve Cellulite Like Magic?

Get Rid of Cellulite Do you have a problem with cellulite?

If not, keep reading anyway — because this special glue (yes it is really a glue — and it is totally safe and edible) does not only have the reputation for reducing cellulite according to experts, it may also:

  • Help seal holes in the gut (leaky gut)
  • Improve mobility and flexibility of the joints
  • Help achieve healthy weight goals
  • Increase the amount of protein in your diet without adding lots of calories
  • Help the body overcome food allergies
  • Super charge the immune system
  • Boost and protect your brain power

And whether or not you believe it, this glue Continue reading

The Food That Sanctified an Entire Nation

The Food that Sanctified an Entire NationWords Evolve.

My husband and I are nearly 20 years apart in age, so we were raised in different generations. He came of age in the 60’s; I came of age in the 80’s. In the twenty years in between, language had changed a bit. There was a time when the word awesome meant full of awe and fearful. But in my generation awesome took on a totally different meaning, namely cool.

My husband’s generation might have called something “awesome” or “cool,” groovy. The millennial generation might think groovy refers to something with a lots of grooves, like the edge of a quarter.

Defining Terms.

For the purpose of communication it is always good to clarify terms so everyone is on the same page. So when I talk about food that sanctified an entire nation, I don’t mean the food made the nation “holy.” What I do mean by sanctified is “set apart.”

We see a microcosm of this today, especially around the holidays. Everyone has their favorite ethnic Continue reading

Raw Vegan GF Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Balls Recipe

Raw Vegan GF Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Balls
This recipe for Chocolate Macaroon Balls was originally inspired by a bag of Hail Merry Macaroons which a friend gave me (thanks Caroline). After first having them, I was intent on creating a recipe of my own — but that never happened. Months went by and I forgot all about my plans.

Recently however, I have been more intentional about cutting down (or even out) sugar due to some developing health concerns. I wrote about the health issues here: Why I Had to Stop Drinking Coffee. And since I had to switch from coffee to teeccino (a totally caffeine-free herbal coffee), I have started craving chocolate again — which is no surprise.

So I was craving a sweet, healthy treat but didn’t have anything in the house, and I wanted something life-giving. So I made these Raw Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Balls with ingredients I had on hand. They were a great success. Even my husband was eager to eat more than one.

Raw Vegan GF Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Balls

And since I haven’t shared a recipe in a long time on Reformed Health, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

Here is a calorie analysis:

Continue reading

A Breast Lump with Your Coffee?

A Breast Lump With Your CoffeeThis is the second part of a story explaining why I quit drinking coffee. In part one, I shared that while I am not against coffee completely, I recently had become addicted, not willing to give it up despite some health issues that I was struggling with, namely a staff infection in my finger. Read Why I Had to Quit Drinking Coffee: Part One.

So, the staff infection was not enough to get me to break my caffeine habit — even though I knew that lowering my acid load would help my body fight the infection. I was suffering from a case of caffeine addiction.

The Stuff of Nightmares.

Then something I never expected happened, something that nightmares are made of. I woke up in the middle of the night and was startled when Continue reading

The Stew that Set Two Nations at War

The Stew That Set 2 Nations at WarWhat would you give for a hot savory stew after a hard day’s work in the chilly autumn air?

I don’t know about you, but I’d probably give up to $12.00 if it were organic, $8.00 if it were not.

A Foolish Trade.

However, I would not give up my house, my family, my faith, or my inheritance for a single serving of pottage — even if I were famished. One bowl of stew would not sustain me for more than a few days, even if I was starving. Such a sacrifice would not be wise, but rather foolish.

And this was the very choice that Esau made.

The First Born Son. 

Esau was the firstborn son to the patriarch Isaac. To him was the right of firstborn, the double inheritance, and the family blessing. This was a great honor which was closely tied to the covenant made to Continue reading

Why I Had to Quit Drinking Coffee: Part One

Why I Quit Drinking CoffeeCoffee and I have had a love hate relationship most of my life. I generally do not like to be controlled by anything (save self and the Holy Spirit). But from time to time coffee takes a hold of me and doesn’t want to release me from her brown claws.

Know that I am not preaching against coffee. Recent studies show that it does have some health benefits. Read Dr. Mercola on the topic. More importantly coffee is a Continue reading

How To Know If Yours is A Perfect Supplement

Perfect SupplementI will never stop the mantra: food, not supplements, is the best way to get nutrition. After all — food has been God’s design to make healthy humans from the beginning of time. Why fix something that is not broken?

Unfortunately, the world is broken due to the fall of mankind and the subsequent curse. Weeds do grow and pests do devour crops. And, man has tried to Continue reading

The Food that Could Have Saved the Human Race

Metaphor_ Breath-17Food in the Bible?

How important is the topic of food in the Bible? That is the question we are answering in this series: 10 Ways Food Has Impacted History, Life, and the World.

In The Bite of Food that Sealed the Fate of Man we learned that eating food was the impetus that brought death and a curse into the world.

Today we will talk about The Food that Could Have Saved the Human Race, namely the tree of life.

Two Special Trees.

Aside from all the numerous fruit trees among the garden of Eden, God placed two special trees, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. One tree promised life, the other promised death. What was the condition? Obedience. The Westminster Confession of Faith calls it the Covenant of Works.

Divine Antioxidant?

We looked at the tree of death in the previous post. Now we focus on the tree of life. What was this tree? Did the fruit have some special divine antioxidants that would cause the body to regenerate into eternity? Continue reading

August Weight Loss Journal with Commentary (down 34.4 pounds total)

August 2016 Weight Loss JournalThis month I finally broke through the 155 mark, with the potential of getting into the 140’s. The 140’s! I can hardly believe it. I started this #weightlossjourney at 185 pounds. I wanted to be transparent about the process because I want to write a book with a step by step plan to help others do the same thing. But first I had to prove to myself that it would really work.

This is the same way I lost weight about five years earlier. The only problem is I did not include a maintenance plan into my diet. This time I will! I don’t ever want to be 185 pounds again.

The unique approach I took to lose weight — is to Continue reading