7 Solid Reasons to Study Health in the Bible

Why would anyone want to study health in the Bible?

Are you looking to improve your health or the health of a loved one?

  • Struggling to make it through the day with enough energy to accomplish your goals?
  • Spending hours awake on your bed with nothing to do but pray?
  • Waking up groggy, defeated, and lifeless?
  • Not fitting into your favorite clothes anymore?

What is the correct path?

Maybe you’ve been to many doctors; and they all tell you something different. You’re tired of going from one doctor to another. Test after test when they still can’t figure out what’s wrong with you.

Maybe you’re frustrated. Or just suspect there may be another way to go about this thing we call “health care.”

Perhaps you’ve searched online for a solution and found so many differing opinions that you just don’t know WHO TO TRUST!

If only there was some way to KNOW for sure what the correct path is.

  • Modern health care is merely PRACTICING medicine and doling out prescriptions
  • New agers rely on the COSMIC ENERGY to find peace and healing
  • Some people look to ANCIENT CHINESE MEDICINE for solutions
  • Others look to so called SCIENCE and RESEARCH for their authority

What if all of these had a little bit of truth? But missed the BIGGER picture?

What if there was a way to know absolutely which methods of healing to use and which methods to avoid?

Would you want to know if your path was the correct path?

You could continue on the path of speculation, you could continue the modern medicine approach, look to the power of the earth, science, and ancient cultures, but none of these paths will ever lead you to the complete TRUTH.

Why? Because these methods do not rely upon the TRUE SOURCE of healing!

Study Health in the Bible.

If you are a Christian — you’ve got a healer; His name is the great physician. And you CAN study health in the Bible because the Bible actually IS a health care manual.

A Story of Healing.

In the 90’s a devastating illness destroyed my husband’s health. Tom couldn’t sleep, was couch ridden, and developed an itchy, scaly rash over his body.  The doctors could do nothing to give him relief, nor could they find a diagnosis for his condition. So he thought he’d try something different; he sought the Great Physician. Tom began to Study Health in the Bible. After all, the Bible promises to hold the keys to life and godliness. He was sure that meant more than just spiritual life. He knew God must have a plan or design to live in the world He had created. So my husband diligently studied health in the Bible looking for answers. And he found them.

After applying these simple (and almost forgotten) principles to his health, my husband recovered from his illness. Later the doctor finally diagnosed him with the Epstein Barr virus — but by then it was in remission. The doctor told him to keep on doing what he was doing because it was working.

My Own Story of Healing.

My husband is not the only person to benefit from the healing power found by studying health in the Bible. When I applied the same simple principles to my life, I also recovered from a host of conditions, including

  • arthritis
  • hypoglycemia
  • shingles
  • herpes (mouth sores)
  • tachycardia
  • heart arrhythmias
  • depression
  • breast lumps
  • and insomnia

to name a few!

We know these principles work!

We want you to experience the healing power of these principles too. So we have written a short book to introduce you to the Biblical Principles of Wellness that have transformed our lives from difficult to abundant.

The first step in the journey is to gain an understanding and trust in God’s Word. That is why we have written Book One of the Biblical Principles of Wellness: 7 Solid Reasons to Study Health in the Bible. 

It is short, simply written, and easy to understand.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn in the book:

  • the connection between Space Shuttle Engine malfunctions and your health — as told by a Rocket Propulsion Engineer — if you miss this, you miss everything
  • why it is ultimately futile to ignore your Designer if you want to recover — only He knows your remedy
  • the failure of the medical establishment to bring healing to hurting Christians — if it wasn’t failing, there wouldn’t be sick Christians everywhere
  • God’s concern about your health and the TRUTH that He DOES have answers — and He probably wants to heal you but your looking in the wrong direction
  • the relationship between God’s sovereignty and your responsibility in your health care — if your not doing YOUR part, He’s not going to do HIS
  • the absolute necessity to bring every area of life under the sovereign control of God — and that includes health and wellness
  • why neglecting your health can actually be selfish and even sinful — do you want to serve or be served?
  • how we can be good stewards with our health for the sake of the kingdom of God — it is a lot easier to serve others when we are not stuck in bed
  • to study health in the Bible can increase your faith — when God begins to heal, you’ll be a believer
  • how studying health in the Bible could actually save your life — not just your health (you’ll be surprised when you make the connection)
  • how to avoid the slippery slope that killed millions in the Holocaust  — the chronically ill were on the “hit list”
  • the connection between your own health and loving your family — I know you want to be around to see your children and grandchildren grow up

But there is more:

When you order the book today, you’ll also receive the long version of my husband’s healing testimony. And there are more goodies packed inside this simple book of only 49 pages. We know your time is VALUABLE. It won’t take you long to read. And the book is available in different formats for your convenience:

You could keep trying the same techniques to find relief from your illness. But if you do — you can also expect the same results.

  • more doctors
  • intrusive testing
  • contradicting advice
  • and no real answers

Or you could try trusting God with your health. It certainly won’t hurt anything.

Naaman the Leper

There’s a story in the Bible about a young Hebrew slave girl who was taken captive into the household of Naaman, a leper. She kept telling her master’s wife, whom she served, that Elisha the prophet could heal Naaman. Finally Naaman sought out Elijah for a cure. And Elisha told him to go wash in the Jordan 7 times.

Naaman was furious with Elijah for offering such a simple solution. He wanted to see God act in a mighty, miraculous way. But Naaman’s counselor suggested he take the advice, after all — it couldn’t harm him. And surely he’d have followed the instructions if they were complicated or unusual.

So Naaman agreed to follow God’s simple plan for healing. It took only one act of faith. And God healed him. (You can read more of this story in 2 Kings chapter 5.)

Don’t make the mistake that Naaman almost made. Don’t fail to trust the God who calls Himself your healer.

Learn how you can trust God with your health today. Learn why YOU should Study Health in the Bible. I’ll share with you 7 Solid Reasons to Study Health in the Bible.

Get Started Today. 

7 Solid Reasons to Study Health in the Bible