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Live Life as God Designed.

At Reformed Health we teach you how to take control of your own health so you can be all that God has designed you to be.

There are principles of wellness that are so simple and so pure that anyone can access them. Yet these life-giving principles are often overlooked and ignored: simple things like clean water, fresh air, pure food, sunshine, a safe environment, and a healthy immune system.

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Forgotten Elements of Health.

When these simple principles are remembered and applied to daily life, the body can heal itself by nature’s design — God’s design. And then suddenly, you discover wholeness again, wellness again — as if youth has returned. Aches and pains are alleviated. Energy is restored. And life regains its joys and pleasures.

And this is what we teach at Reformed Health — because we care. We care about you. We want you to be all that God has designed you to be. But no-one cares about your health as much as the creator of the universe. In most cases, He wants you healthy. No doubt there are exceptions. But you will never know that you are the exception unless you first seek His best for you.

Prosper and Be Healthy.

3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.”

God desires our whole life to prosper in the same way that our soul prospers. The implication is that first our soul prospers. But not only that. John specifically says that he desires that God’s beloved “be in good health.” We are not talking about a “health” and wealth prosperity gospel. Yet we cannot deny that God has a plan for us on this earth:

  • a plan to prosper us and not to harm us
  • a plan for a hope and an future
  • a desire for our good always and our survival.

To some this idea is radical. But it should not be. God truly cares about our physical condition on this earth. And at some level, we all know it and feel it. Otherwise, why would we pray daily for healing for ourselves and those we love?

But that is not all…

God Has a Plan.

God has a plan to get us there — not just spiritually, but also physically.

And so we share these simple, elemental principles of wellness, the Biblical Principles of Wellness. We remind you of God’s design for this world in which we live. We do it for you. So you can be all that God has designed you to be.

When God spoke the world into existence, He declared Himself owner and ruler of all creation. Abraham Kuyper, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands said it like this:

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!

Not. One. Square. Inch.

God is sovereign over every sphere, discipline, realm, and school of thought that man can imagine (and even those he can’t). Do you wonder how that looks in application? If so, you might relate to this story told by Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Dave Ramsey’s Radical Message

Before Dave Ramsey was the super-famous financial guru he is today, Hyatt heard him share his radical message of debt-free living. Hyatt thought it was great advice — but he was sure the message would never resonate in America.

Today Ramsey has a multi-million dollar business that helps Christians get out of debt and be financially stable so they can further the kingdom of Christ. He has a huge radio ministry and has published several books.

Once Hyatt realized that Ramsey’s message was successful, he wanted to ride the wave. So he pursued Ramsey for a book deal. The result?

The Total Money Makeover.

But where did Ramsey get this radical idea of debt-free living?

The Source of The Message

Ramsey found the idea in the Bible.

He had suffered a bankruptcy and never wanted to experience anything so terrible again — so he went to God’s Word for answers.

And he found them. And wanted to share them with others. And so was born a legacy of Financial Peace.

Dave Ramsey learned the hard way that the realm of finances belongs to God. Now he teaches millions to submit their finances to the Lord Jesus Christ. And, of course — God blesses obedience because He knows how His world is supposed to operate. When we apply His principles, life works properly. When we ignore His principles — that area of our life goes bankrupt.

Our Radical Message

At Reformed Health, we have a radical message too: God has the answers to health — just like He has the answers to finances. Remember — there is not one square inch that God does not own.

The Bible tells us that God has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness — that includes health. And like Ramsey — we discovered the Biblical Principles of Wellness through hardship. In our case, it was through physical bankruptcy.

My Husband’s Illness.

In the 90’s, my husband Tom, the founder of Reformed Health, contracted an auto-immune sickness that resulted in

  • sleepless nights
  • couch ridden days
  • and a scaly, itchy, oozing rash over his body

He was miserable. Read more of his testimony here.

Life and Godliness.

As a Christian, he had been taught that the Bible held the answers for life and godliness. But most of the preaching and teaching he heard emphasized godliness, or the spiritual side of life, not the physical. However, my husband was convinced that God must also care about our physical bodies. After all — God is the one who created us as physical beings in a physical world.

It’s Not Rocket Science.

At the time of my husband’s illness, he was a rocket propulsion engineer who worked on  the Space Shuttle program. He knew about the importance of design: Read his story about the importance of a design here. He knew that only the designer of the body could truly know how it should function properly.

And he figured that if the preachers weren’t talking about how the body was designed to live under God’s design, he’d have to find the answers himself.

So he set out to discover what in the world the Bible had to say about health and about the illness that was causing him so much pain and misery.

And he found the answers and (by God’s grace) was able to reverse his illness. He regained his strength. He was able to sleep again through the night and wake up rested. And his skin condition reversed. Now he wants to share the Biblical Principles of Wellness with others so they can better serve Christ in their callings. And this is the foundation of the legacy of Reformed Health: God knows. God cares. God heals — His way.

  1. God knows.
    1. God is the Designer/Creator of the world, the human body, and the food system therefore He knows exactly what is needed for good health.
    2. God is omniscient. There is not one square inch, nor one nano-particle that He does not understand fully and perfectly. No one else can make this boast — not me, you, or your doctor or lawyer. God alone has all knowledge.
    3. God knows all our suffering and pain. He knows how our health affects our minds, bodies, and emotions. He knows how it affects our loved ones.
  2. God cares.
    1. When Christ became a man and took on human flesh, he became more intimately acquainted with our physical weakness — even suffering a cruel death on the cross to save us from our sins. He did this because He cares. And now He is not only our Redeemer, but also the high-priest who can sympathize with our suffering.
    2. But He doesn’t only care about suffering and our eternal souls, He also cares about our physical bodies. This is why He gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden for a home. He provided all the food and shelter that was necessary for their well-being.
    3. And because He cares so much, He gave His creatures instructions how to live on this beautiful earth that He created. These instructions are in the Bible and need to be mined like hidden treasures.
  3. God heals — His way. There are three primary ways that God heals.
    1. God heals supernaturally. There are many examples of supernatural healing in the Bible. There we see people recover from leprosy, blindness, fever, deafness, demon possession, and even death in a supernatural manner — usually through prayer and for a special purpose.
    2. God heals most often through natural means. The Bible speaks of every day items like honey, plants, oil, salves and wine as healing substances. But above this, there are  many principles for wellness throughout the Scripture that are easy to overlook. When we violate these principles, it can and will lead to illness, subpar health, poor sleep, impotence, infertility, tiredness, pain, and chronic disease.
    3. God heals completely. Because of sin and the fall, all men are destined to die. Total healing will never come until we reach eternity. And there are those on this earth who God chooses never to heal until heaven.

God knows,  God cares, and God heals — His way. Reformed Health exists so you can learn and apply the Biblical Principles of Wellness and better serve Christ in your calling.

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My Personal Testimony of Healing.

Prior to marrying my husband (the founder of Reformed Health), I had contracted shingles several times. Painful mouth sores were a regular occurrence. And I had other unpleasant health conditions, including arthritis, arrhythmias, and blood sugar issues.

After marriage, I began applying the principles of Reformed Health. Today I feel like a new person. I have more energy than I did when I was in my 20’s. All the symptoms and conditions listed above have virtually reversed. No arthritis. No more shingles. No more cold sores. Blood sugar levels normal. Arrhythmias under control.  Read my testimony hereAnd here.

These principles work. But…why shouldn’t they? When we live life the way God has designed us to live in His world — we will thrive.

A Ministry to Others.

Several years ago, my husband was asked to teach the Biblical Principles of Wellness at our local church. This was a great privilege. It also forced my husband to write down all the principles in an outlined formed. Since that time, he has had the privilege of teaching the curriculum to other hurting Christians.

So Many Hurting Christians.

By God’s providence, we have had the privilege of visiting many churches across the United States. One thing stands out: there are so many hurting Christians across the country. We have met Christians suffering from every disease imaginable. It is so painful to see — especially when we know that God’s Word has answers that can heal and reverse the worse symptoms. That is why we are so pressed to share this message of healing.

This Is Where I Stepped Onto the Stage.

God has layed it heavily upon our hearts to expand the reach of this health knowledge by sharing it with as many people as possible. As a result, I have taken my husband’s notes on the Biblical Principles of Wellness and shared, expanded, and applied them so people can experience the transformative power of God in their health so they can better serve Christ in their callings. God knows. God cares. And God heals — His way.

For now, this information is available for FREE on our website. In addition, we have created a checklist which will guid you on your healing journey. Once you download your checklist, you’ll receive a series of emails that will explain exactly what the checklist entails.

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