How God Turned This Wretch into a Treasure: part one

My parents brought me into the world shortly after the “sexual revolution.” And they were very much a part of the culture, drinking lots of alcohol and popping bennies — the amphetamines of the day. In that epoch, it wasn’t unpopular for pregnant women to drink alcohol, so I was dosed on wine from the womb.

But something happened after my fourth birthday. My parents decided to get “religion.” So they had us kids baptized in the Lutheran church. Someone at that time must have told me about Jesus, because I remember kneeling by my bed and asking Him to come into my heart.

A year later, we painted the house, packed up our belongings, and headed out of the big city of Simi Valley to small town, USA.

There we joined a little white Methodist church with a steeple bell that rang each Sunday to announce the service. When I came of age, I pulled the rope and sounded the gong myself: a great memory.

Other fond memories of that time still bring a smile to my face: great friends; fellowship; food; Sunday school; Kids of the Kingdom; vacation Bible school; ice cream socials; the invasion of box-elder bugs; and more. But something else happened in that church, something that almost destroyed me: I was raped. Continue reading “How God Turned This Wretch into a Treasure: part one”

God and Alcohol

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About God and Alcohol

God and Alcohol

Did you know people actually called Jesus a drunkard in the Bible?

The accusation against Him was blasphemous, of course.

Many people don’t think God and alcohol mix. And, sadly, there are Christians who would make the same blasphemous claim about Christ today. Why? Because Jesus actually drank alcohol with his friends and family; He encouraged others to drink it by turning a boatload of water into wine; and He even commanded Christians to drink it in remembrance of Him.

Where Does It Say All That?

In the Bible.

We must sift every bit of knowledge and understanding through the lens of the Bible. And alcohol is one of the big topics that needs to be brought under submission to the obedience of Christ. Do you have questions about God and alcohol?

  • Ever wonder how God REALLY feels about you or others drinking wine?
  • Suspect that you or someone you love is drinking TOO much alcohol?
  • Curious if wine REALLY has any health benefits?
  • Unsure how to treat your brother or sister with DIFFERENT views on alcohol?

We have answers to these questions — and they come straight outta the Bible. Some of them might surprise you. Continue reading “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About God and Alcohol”

Brotherly Love, Alcohol, and Romans 14

Brotherly Love, Alcohol, and Romans 14

Love One Another

This post will take a thorough look at Romans 14 and how it applies to Christian liberty, brotherly love, and alcohol.

As a reminder, we began the topic of alcohol consumption in the context of 1 Timothy 4:3-4. This passage instructs us to not refuse (nor forbid) the consumption of food which God has designed to be received with thanksgiving.  We have explored the pros and cons of drinking alcohol, sifting them through the lens of God’s word. This post (our final before concluding the discussion of alcohol) will probe into the “if and when” we should lovingly choose to abstain from alcohol in preference to a weaker brother. I will draw heavily from Dr. Kenneth Gentry’s work God Gave Wine.

Early in Chapter 6, Gentry asks, “Is the Christian under obligation to alter his behavior, which in itself is not sinful, for the sake of others?” He then appeals to Romans 14 (rather than 1 Corinthians 8-10) because it concisely addresses the topic and specifically mentions drinking wine.  In addition, Gentry notes that the Corinthian passage approaches the topic in the context of foods sacrificed to idols, whereas Romans does not. Continue reading “Brotherly Love, Alcohol, and Romans 14”

Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction

Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction

Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction

As Christians with liberty, we are free to drink alcohol under three conditions:

  • Abstain from drunkenness
  • Avoid alcohol addiction
  • Do not harm a weaker brother

We’ve addressed Christian Liberty and Drunkenness here and now we will consider Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction.

What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol Addiction?

I Timothy 3:8 warns: “Deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double-tongued, or addicted to much wine or fond of sordid gain.”

While this admonition is directed specifically to deacons, the “likewise” points also to overseers, who are instructed in I Timothy 3:3 to “not be addicted to wine” in general. This later passage leaves out the word “much,” as does Titus 1:7, which also instructs overseers to “not be addicted to wine.” Continue reading “Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction”

Christian Liberty and Drunkenness

Christian Liberty and Drunkenness

Christian Liberty and Drunkenness

Alcohol consumption for Christians can be a controversial topic. But it shouldn’t be. The Bible is full of evidence that God created wine and alcohol for man’s enjoyment. Sure there are warnings in the Bible concerning alcohol. But there are many warnings in the Bible about excess anything. God has established bounds which the Christian must live within, this includes Christian liberty and drunkenness. There are two simple laws which sum up these bounds: love God and love neighbor.

And even more, the Bible explicitly tells us how we are to love man and neighbor. There are 10 basic laws which are divided into many statutes and principles. These statutes and principles are explained, according to Jesus, in the law and the prophets (or the Old Testament). Wisdom literature celebrates these principles and gives great insight into their meaning. And finally the New Testament reiterates everything written in the Old (with a few anticipated changes).

This means that anything not expressly forbidden, commanded, or implied in the Bible falls into the category of Christian Liberty; and concerning alcohol, Christians have the liberty to drink under three basic conditions. Continue reading “Christian Liberty and Drunkenness”


21 Mile Hike Reveals Ancient Secret that Will Blow Your Mind

How far would you travel to visit a dying friend? I’ll bet you’d be willing to travel to the other side of the globe, so long as you could hop on an airplane to get there. But would you be willing to walk 21 miles? Keep reading to learn about two men who travelled 21 miles for a dying friend. And the secrets they discovered on their journey were mind blowing and still elude people to this day.

The Preceding Events

All Jerusalem was buzzing. Christ, the promised Messiah had been crucified. He had shown Himself to be powerful with mighty deeds of healing the sick, forgiving sins, and correcting false ideas about the Law of God. Yet the religious leaders of the day had sentenced Him to the barbarous Roman-style death of crucifixion.

The Sabbath was drawing near and it was necessary to bury Jesus quickly so as to not break the Law. A rich man provided a burial grave, and His closest friends and family laid the lifeless Messiah to rest. Though Jesus had warned His friends that these things were to happen and that He would rise again — it was too difficult for them to believe.

The First Seven Miles: from Emmaus

Continue reading “21 Mile Hike Reveals Ancient Secret that Will Blow Your Mind”

Too Much Alcohol

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much Alcohol?

We are continuing our examination of alcohol in the Bible. So far we have proved that God not only approves of alcohol, but that He created it to be enjoyed and to bring health benefits to the body. We’ve also demonstrated that when we cross the safe limits and drink too much alcohol, all the benefits turn into dangers.

The Bible does instruct us to not be drunk with wine (which would mean drinking too much alcohol). But how do we know how much alcohol is too much alcohol?

First we will define our terms; then we will examine the question from the world’s standpoint; and then in a future post, we will consider the topic from the standpoint of Christian liberty.

How Much Is A Drink?

This may seem like a dull question; but it is relevant. What do we mean by “one drink”? A person may drink only one glass of wine a day, but if their glass holds 15 ounces of liquid, it is actually equivalent to 3 glasses of wine by industry standards. So for the purposes of clarity, we will share what we mean by one serving (glass or drink) of alcohol. Continue reading “How Much Alcohol Is Too Much Alcohol?”

Dangers of Drinking too Much Alcohol

13 Health Dangers of Drinking too Much Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can be both a blessing and a curse. When used in moderation, as God designed, alcohol can benefit the body. Read 18 Benefits of Wine for Your Health and Emotional Well Being. But cross over the “safe” zone, and there are some serious dangers of drinking too much alcohol. Interestingly, some of the very benefits of moderate alcohol consumption reverse and worsen with drinking too much alcohol.

13 Health Dangers of Drinking too Much Alcohol:

Continue reading “13 Health Dangers of Drinking too Much Alcohol”

18 Benefits of Wine

18 Benefits of Wine for Your Health and Emotional Well Being

18 Benefits of WineWine is a gift to the human race. What makes wine a gift and not a curse? The answer is in the benefits of wine for your health and emotional well-being. So far we have looked at wine solely from a biblical perspective, but today we will look at 18 science based benefits of wine. If you’ve missed the previous posts, to date we have

Today we will talk about the health benefits of wine from a scientific approach. Continue reading “18 Benefits of Wine for Your Health and Emotional Well Being”

Do Not Be Drunk With Wine

Do Not Be Drunk With Wine: 30 Warnings in the Bible

Do Not Be Drunk With Wine LongOur last post shared 14 Reasons God Approves Wine in the Bible. But, the Bible also gives stern warnings against alcohol abuse. Ephesians 5:18 says it like this: Do not be drunk with wine.

Previously we shared:

Today we will look at 30 warnings in the Bible about being drunk with wine (or any substance).

Do Not Be Drunk With Wine

I had wanted to share 28 reasons to not be drunk with wine, but I found 30 and went with it. I am sharing over twice the amount of warnings against drunkenness as I shared in defense of alcohol in moderation. Some of these warnings are life-threatening: and they are right out of the Bible. So take heed.
Continue reading “Do Not Be Drunk With Wine: 30 Warnings in the Bible”