Risks of Swimming in a Chlorinated Pool

14 Risks of Swimming in a Chlorinated Pool

In all my years of swimming in a lake, I never experienced any adverse reactions from the water — though I did get sun poisoning a time or two. However, I began to notice that when I would swim in chlorinated swimming pools, it would dry out my skin, turn my blonde hair green, and cause my ears to clog up and kind of hurt, diminishing their ability to function at full auditory capacity. Or said simply, it affected my ability to hear well.

Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Drinking Tap Water Could Be The Final Straw That Destroys Your Health

Unfortunately, our modern conveniences may be costing us more than we realize — in fact, they could be slowly killing us. The most readily available drinking water in America comes out of convenience of the kitchen faucet. And, unfortunately, we have to pay for it regardless if it is safe to drink. There are three forms of dangers lurking in tap water: 1. those that are added (or result from what is added), 2. those which find their way into the water through other means, and 3. those that occur naturally. Number three is the least common threat, but one and two are regular health wreckers — potentially causing illness without an identifiable cause.

Why You Should Not Drink Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water — Unless You Add Minerals

The American Public Health Association reports that the ph level of naturally occurring water is between 6.5 and 8.5 ph. A ph of 7 is considered neutral, below seven is acidic, and above seven is alkaline. [4] The World Health Organization reports that water with too low a ph or too high a ph can cause health conditions affecting the eyes, skin, and gastrointestinal system. [5] Other studies, many which are anecdotal — including my own, show that low ph levels in water can cause symptoms of acidosis

How to Remove Chlorine from Bathwater for Pennies. It Could Save your Life.

If you thought you were safe from the affects of chlorine because you use a filter for your drinking water, you’re wrong.The hot bath water opens the pours, allowing the chlorine to be absorbed through the skin. And worse, the steam from a hot chlorinated bath or shower contains a by-product of chlorine: chloroform, which is more dangerous than chlorine.

How To Safely Remove Chlorine from Tap Water In A Pinch

Water is a vital part of human existence. Without it none could survive. We drink it, cook with it, and bathe in it. Yet, we often take this life source for granted, ingesting whatever clear liquid comes out of our faucet or out of our water bottles. And — whether it is safe to drink or not — we have to pay for it.With a little research and a little experimentation, I discovered that Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) alters the chemical make-up of chlorine, changing it into a form that is safe for consumption.