Xylitol Simple Syrup – Fail Proof Recipe

Xylitol Simple SyrupXylitol Simple Syrup

Yes. You can make Xylitol simple syrup  – and it is so easy!

Before you begin, choose your ingredients carefully.

Most Xylitol is derived from corn, therefore it is more than likely genetically modified. The USDA reports that 80-90% of all corn grown in the United States is genetically modified. Popcorn, white corn, and blue corn are exceptions. As a general rule stay away from any corn or corn derived products that are not grown organic.

Safely Sourced Xylitol

The best and safest form of Xylitol is sourced from wood. I prefer Xyla by Emerald Forest, which has its source from American Birch wood.

The water you use is important also. Make sure it is safe and has a ph on the alkaline side. I am currently using an Alkalizing RO System to make my Xylitol Simple Syrup. The system first purifies the water through Reverse Osmosis, then re-alkalyzes and re-mineralizes it. Surprisingly the system is very affordable. Learn more. I’ve also included some water filter recommendations at the bottom of this post.

Recipe for Xylitol Simple Syrup:

Ingredients: Water and Xylitol.

  • The ratio of water to Xylitol is 1:1
  • Heat equal amounts of Xylitol and water, stirring until all the grains have dissolved (do not boil)
  • Cool and store in sealed jar in refrigerator until needed
  • Use as recipe calls – equal measure

You can also save carbohydrates and calories by cutting your maple syrup with xylitol simple syrup. Check out my Xylitol Cut Maple Syrup Recipe here.

NOW foods also provides a GMO-free Xylitol.

Learn how you can get it and your other health food products at 25-50% off retail. It’s like Whole Foods at Costco prices. 



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8 thoughts on “Xylitol Simple Syrup – Fail Proof Recipe

  1. hi! I have attempted this method several times, but my Xylitol keeps recrystalizing, no matter what I try. Do you know what I can do about this?


  2. Try this using xylitol powder you make yourself……… Get ready for it……..lol I make my xylitol powder in my coffee grinder!!!!!’ It’s beautiful and my own family has no idea it’s xylitol!!! I keep a grinder just for my xylitol. Let me know😉

  3. My husband is diabetic, he loves candied orange peel. The recipe I have,says after cooking the peel,it must simmer in the boiled plain syrup. How do I go about when using xilotol in the place of sugar. Can you help please. Sorry this is not a comment .

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