(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About God and Alcohol

God and Alcohol

Did you know people actually called Jesus a drunkard in the Bible?

The accusation against Him was blasphemous, of course.

Many people don’t think God and alcohol mix. And, sadly, there are Christians who would make the same blasphemous claim about Christ today. Why? Because Jesus actually drank alcohol with his friends and family; He encouraged others to drink it by turning a boatload of water into wine; and He even commanded Christians to drink it in remembrance of Him.

Where Does It Say All That?

In the Bible.

We must sift every bit of knowledge and understanding through the lens of the Bible. And alcohol is one of the big topics that needs to be brought under submission to the obedience of Christ. Do you have questions about God and alcohol?

  • Ever wonder how God REALLY feels about you or others drinking wine?
  • Suspect that you or someone you love is drinking TOO much alcohol?
  • Curious if wine REALLY has any health benefits?
  • Unsure how to treat your brother or sister with DIFFERENT views on alcohol?

We have answers to these questions — and they come straight outta the Bible. Some of them might surprise you.

The following 10 articles address all the above questions and more.  I personally learned A LOT writing this series of articles. Hope it blesses you as well! I’ve included a little teaser for each article — but there is so much more inside. Be sure and click the article titles to read them. Also please share with your friends.

Can We Drink Wine to the Glory of God?

  • Should Christians “forbid” other Christians from drinking wine?
  • Find out which leading health guru “forbids” drinking alcohol.
  • Learn three contemporary views on drinking alcohol in the Bible.

The Joy of the Vine Is in the Wine

  • Did wine in the Bible contain alcohol?
  • Learn which Bible characters drank too much in the Bible.
  • Be surprised at the condition of the guests at the Cana wedding (before Jesus turned water into wine).

14 Reasons God Approves Wine in the Bible

  • How many times does the Bible command us NOT to drink alcohol?
  • Shocker: the Bible actually COMMANDS us to drink wine. Learn where.
  • Be awed by the dollar value of the 120-180 gallons of water Jesus turned into “fine” wine.

Do Not Be Drunk with Wine: 30 Warnings in the Bible

  • Which Bible characters fell into disgrace by drinking too much alcohol?
  • Find out who in the Bible committed incest due to drunkenness.
  • Will God welcome drunkards into heaven? You don’t want to get this one wrong.

18 Benefits of Wine for Your Health and Emotional Well Being

  • Does wine or alcohol really have health benefits? The specific benefits might surprise you.
  • What is the super antioxidant in red wine? It could be the fountain of youth.
  • Can red wine really help the liver? I always thought alcohol damaged the liver.

13 Health Dangers of Drinking Too Much Alcohol

  • Learn which health benefits REVERSE with too much alcohol consumption.
  • Can too much alcohol cause cancer? Answer inside.
  • Does excessive alcohol cause depression? Click the article title to find out.

How Much Alcohol is Too Much Alcohol?

  • Are you a heavy drinker? Find out what the standards say.
  • How much alcohol do other countries consider safe for consumption? Answers vary.
  • Learn why you can’t always trust “the experts” on this. Does science have a different opinion?

Christian Liberty and Drunkenness

  • Learn the 3 ways drinking alcohol can be a sin.
  • Find out exactly how the experts define drunkenness. And see if it agrees with the Bible.
  • Survey says: learn from other Christians how they balance Christian liberty and alcohol consumption.

Christian Liberty and Alcohol Addiction

  • Who does God command to not be addicted to alcohol?
  • Learn the nuanced difference between alcohol addiction and drunkenness.
  • Ask these hard questions to see if you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol (according to experts).

Brotherly Love, Alcohol, and Romans 14

  • Explore Romans 14 with theologian Kenneth Gentry to discover how to treat a weaker brother in matters of alcohol.
  • Find out the responsibility of the WEAKER brother. The Scripture is not silent.
  • Learn why the conscience is key on matters of alcohol consumption and why you must be convinced in your own mind.

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide to God and alcohol. Hope it is helpful. A great way to demonstrate appreciation is to share it with your friends. Thanks so much.

As a reminder, this series is part of a continuing study on health from the perspective of the Bible. Sick is not normal. The body can heal itself when it has everything it needs. Reformed Health exists so you can take control of your own health and be all that God has designed you to be.

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