How to Make Your Kitchen A Health Haven of Happiness

Your Kitchen Is the Most Important Room in Your House!

The magic of life happens in your kitchen.

That’s why you should make your kitchen a health haven of happiness.

God has given food to humans as the primary means of nourishment. Food is our life source. Without it we can’t thrive on the earth that God has created.

And since most of our cooking and eating is done in the kitchen, it should be treated as a sanctuary for wholesome goodness and life-giving foods.

Here Are Six Ways to Make your Kitchen a Health Haven of Happiness:

#1 Only Stock Organic Whole Foods

The real decision to keep a healthy kitchen happens at the supermarket, farmer’s market, or your garden. Choose to only stock organic, whole foods in you kitchen. That way when the temptations come to eat something that does not bring life to the body, you have to work really hard to get it. There are many ways to get healthy foods at affordable prices. Here are some suggested places to start: Your own garden; the farmer’s market; WholeFoods Market (shop the sales); Trader Joe’s; Aldi’s; the organic section at your local market (shop the sales); Costco; and online, wholesale, natural food stores like Thrive Market, where you can save 25-50% off retail. Learn More.

#2 Don’t Use A Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have been linked to an alteration in the nutrient contents of food. This change damages the blood of unsuspecting victims, reducing their white blood cell count. White blood cells are responsible for a strong immune system. Avoid microwave ovens at all costs. We don’t even keep one in our house (or anywhere else for that matter).    Read about the research here.  Microwave ovens are also commonly employed in restaurants. You can’t control what others do — but you can make your kitchen a health haven.

#3 Use Cookware that Doesn’t Put Dangerous Toxins in Your Food

Teflon coated cookware leaches into your food. And as the pan becomes scratched, the pieces also have to go somewhere — into your food. And that food then enters into your stomach, and your body doesn’t know what to do with it because it’s NOT FOOD after all. The toxins found in non-stick cookware are linked to obesity, cancer, liver toxicity, and more. Read more here. Aluminum also leaches into your food through cookware. Our bodies need the tiniest amount of this trace mineral to survive. But too much aluminum has been linked to neurological conditions like AZ, MS, and more. Learn about the connection.  To bring your kitchen to sanctuary status — throw out the old and choose these safer alternatives:

#4 Throw Out Your Deadly Foods

Food has a primary purpose: to nourish the body. Read more here. Secondarily, food provides pleasure to the palate and fellowship among brothers. If you have food in your kitchen that is destroying your health (even if it tastes good) — you need to defenestrate it — i.e. throw it out the window. Well, preferably into the garbage can. Go through your cupboards and identify foods that are not organic and are loaded with chemicals and nasty preservatives and other ingredients which don’t bring health to your body. Start with your cupboards. Go to your pantry. And then to your refrigerator. Keep your kitchen a health haven for life.

#5 Use Glass Storage Containers for Left-Overs

Plastic can leach into your food. If you’re storing left-overs or are cooking meals ahead to freeze them, use glass containers. Throw out your plastic containers and replace them with a glass set like this: Make Your Kitchen A Health Haven

#6 Keep Your Air Fresh Naturally

Use your ventilation fan while cooking to keep fresh air in your home. Open your windows to let the outside air in. And if you burn something on the stove or just want to make sure that your kitchen is safe from mold and other contaminants that can breed on the surfaces in your kitchen, consider a nature-based air purifier with active technology. Learn more here.

Make Your Kitchen A Health Haven

Follow Those Six Principles, And Make Your Kitchen A Health Haven of Happiness

God really does care about your health. He loves you and desires your good always and your survival. When we keep our homes as healthy as possible, it gives our bodies the best chance at achieving the optimal health that God has for us on this earth that He has created.

If you want to learn more about God’s good design for health, Download your Ultimate Health Checklist Today.















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