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The Ultimate Health Checklist

If you are sick and tired of being tired and sick…if you’re frustrated by contradicting “health” advice…and don’t know who to trust…if you think that maybe God has answers to your health (after all, He is your Creator)…then you’re in the right place.

God does have answers to your health.

Most people keep spinning their wheels jumping from one health guru to the next…or worse, they put their trust wholesale in the modern medical establishment — even though they don’t even attempt to get to the root cause of illness.

These things can be a big waste of time. And they don’t usually solve the real problems.

But God’s ways work. I know.

I used to struggle from shingles, cold sores, arthritis, heart arrhythmia, and more. But after finding out what the Bible teaches about health, I’ve recovered from all those annoying, painful conditions.

And I’ve put together an Ultimate Health Checklist, based on the Bible, a little science, and a lot of common sense — so you can learn the same principles I used to recover.

But don’t trust my word alone.

My husband used the same principles to recover from Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and rashy skin. And the same principles gave my daughter relief from allergies, chronic sinus infections, acid reflux, and daily upset stomachs.

I’m convinced these principles (straight from the Bible) can help you with your annoying and chronic conditions as well.

It certainly can’t hurt to try.

And since the Ultimate Health Checklist is FREE — you’ve got nothing to lose.

In addition, I’ll send you a series of emails that explain the checklist so you can’t begin applying the principles to your own life.

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