A Dozen Beautiful Reasons Organic Pastured Eggs are Superior

A Dozen Beautiful Reasons Organic Pastured Eggs are Superior

Organic pastured eggs are one of God’s powerhouse foods. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fat, amino acids, and other necessary life-giving nutrition. I recently wrote about Pete and Gerry’s Eggs — which I still recommend. They are a good quality egg for a reasonable price (between $3.99-$5.50 a dozen). But the best eggs are organic pastured eggs. And they are now available at local supermarkets.

Handsome Brook Farm delivers organic pastured eggs, and I have made the switch — even though Handsome Brook is the more expensive option at around $6.99 a dozen.

The main reason I made the switch was because the yolks are firmer and are more consistently bright orange — which is what to expect with organic pastured eggs.  Continue reading “A Dozen Beautiful Reasons Organic Pastured Eggs are Superior”


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