Free Health Coach Certificate Now Open

Free Health Coach Certification

Has God put a yearning on your heart to become a health coach?

Do you want to help hurting Christians live life to God’s fullest with more energy and less pain — while you earn a living?

Sick is not normal. God has designed our bodies to heal themselves.

We’ve created a comprehensive health coaching certification program so you can help others to achieve their health goals and be all that God has designed them to be.

First 12 Are Free

And we are offering it for FREE to the first 12 coaches who enroll in and complete the courses.

This is BRAND NEW — so chances are if you want to be a Certified Health Coach for FREE — you can still get in on the FREE offer.

All you have to do is tell me you are interested.

I’m Interested.

Then be on the look out for some emails explaining everything about our free health coach certification program.

Earn Money Quickly

This program will not be easy, but it will be comprehensive. And I will show you exactly how you can start earning money (almost) immediately — even before you are actually certified.

And NO. The system does not rely upon selling supplements to earn a living (like some coaching programs out there).

But, I do want you to earn a great income as a health coach. And I’ll show you exactly how.

If you’re already certified. No problem. You can join too. You’ll still have to complete the program, but we’d love to have you on board.

Learn more now.

Knowledge is Power

There is no obligation. I just want to send you some information so you can learn how to become a health coach and earn a living helping Christians get more energy, experience less pain, and get their life back.

Sick is not normal. Our bodies can health themselves. God the Great Physician has a plan. And we want to share it with you so you can share it with others (while earning a sustainable wage).

Learn more about our FREE Health Coach certification program now.


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9 thoughts on “Free Health Coach Certificate Now Open

    1. Jamila,

      It looks like Rubin’s free course is no longer available. I am looking at other options and will update this information when I can find some concrete answers. May the Lord bless you in your pursuit of teaching other’s about health.

  1. It looks like the owner of Praise Moves has acquired the rights to the curriculum. I signed up long ago, and when I could not access the info, I did a little sleuthing. I actually even called the new owner and was given an email in Dr. Ruben’s camp to follow up. Is there any way to get the information that I rightfully am due, since I signed up appropriately?

    Someone could snag the domain of Biblical Health Institute and make a go of it!

    1. Yes, Sarah. The owner of Praise Moves offers the curriculum for signing up for her Youngevity business. I have contacted Rubin and was told that the curriculum is no longer available at Biblical Health Institute. You could contact Laurette Willis of Praise Moves and see if she would be willing to make the curriculum available to you.

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