Cheater’s Chicken Stock Recipe – Only 5 Ingredients and Organic

Cheater's Chicken Stock Organic RecipeFor years I found it impossible to find a box of chicken stock that meets the standard I am willing to use in my kitchen. Even most organic stocks carry some type of MSG ingredient that is hidden under another name like natural flavors.

So I used to always make my own. However, I have recently found Pacific Bone Broth, which I use in a pinch. Learn more about Pacific here: What You Need to Know About Pacific Bone Broth. [I no longer use Pacific Bone Broth]

But sometimes I still need to make my own chicken broth.

And there are four factors that guide all my cooking:

  • As healthy as possible
  • As inexpensive as possible
  • As tasty as possible
  • As quick as possible

This chicken broth recipe is a perfect balance of the above factors.



  • Combine all ingredients into a 2.5 quart stock pot
  • Bring to a boil
  • Cook for one hour
  • Remove chicken (and use meat for another recipe)
  • Pour remaining broth through a fine mesh strainer (discard what is collected in strainer)
  • Use broth as recipe calls

This simple stock has a tons of flavor.

If I don’t use all the stock that day, I let it cool, and freeze it in plastic bags, measuring one or two cup portions so I know how much to pull out of the freezer when I need stock again.

This stock retains its flavor even when frozen.

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If you don’t have any chicken in the house, try this recipe instead. 


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